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Car Talk: Tips for car and battery storage

Dear Car Talk: We have a Subaru Outback and a Toyota Prius. As soon as there are more charging stations around, we plan to get a Tesla Model S electric...

By Ray Magliozzi December 19, 2014

Auto Briefs: Honda fuel-cell vehicle nears launch

(Honda) Honda FCV Honda debuted this fuel-cell vehicle concept in November, showcasing the vehicle the automaker expects to launch in Japan in March 2016. Sales in the U.S. and Europe...

December 19, 2014


Moving Forward: Volvo debuts new safety feature in XC90; app IDs cars

(Volvo) New safety in Volvo XC90 Volvo has debuted a new safety feature for run-off road protection in the 2015 XC90 (shown). Once the vehicle detects that the driver has...

December 19, 2014


News & Features: New 3-wheelers merge fun and safety

Children who begin their vehicular life on tricycles typically migrate to two-wheelers by the time they start kindergarten, eventually graduating to four-wheelers. Now some grown-ups are returning to their three-wheel roots, although without the pedals this time around.

By Dexter Ford December 19, 2014


Sound Off: Where do you hide shopping bags in your car to deter theft?

Where do you hide shopping bags in your car to deter theft?...

December 18, 2014

News & Features: Alfa Romeo is bringing sexy back with 4C

After a 19-year absence, Italian carmaker Alfa Romeo is back in the United States and wowing Alfa enthusiasts with the sexy, fun-to-drive 2015 4C two seater.

By Ann M. Job December 18, 2014


News & Features: Indian revives Scout and takes aim at Harley

The Indian Scout motorcycle, favored by stunt riders, has made a daring comeback, with some reviewers saying it's a serious competitor to Harley-Davidson's Sportster lineup. The first all-new Scout in 70 years is expected to arrive at dealerships this month, with dozens of the bikes sold in advance.

By Rick Barrett December 17, 2014


News & Features: New look brings style to budget-friendly Kia Sedona minivan

Ah, the minivan. That target of stand-up comedians and patronizing waves at shopping malls, even as it performs its thankless chores with versatility and forbearance. Kind of like parents.

By Lawrence Ulrich December 16, 2014


Auto Briefs: State cuts 7-year plate-replacement rule; Ward's: best engines

(Washington State Department of Licensing) 7-year plate replacement no longer mandatory as of Jan. 1 The Washington state law that requires vehicle owners to buy new license plates after seven...

December 15, 2014


Autobiography: His Cutlass co-starred in Kris Kristofferson movie

I love my car because ... Kris Kristofferson drove it in the movie '7 Minutes' — Lee Woodward, Edmonds

December 14, 2014


Moving Forward: Volt adds new charging feature; finalists for car, truck of '15

(General Motors) Volt adds 'home' setting Chevrolet will introduce new charging features for the 2016 Volt, which will debut at the Detroit auto show next month. Owners of the plug-in...

December 14, 2014


News & Features: The cool changes to cars in the past decade

According to research company R.L. Polk, the average age of a vehicle on the road today is 11.4 years. Chances are, the ride in your driveway is a decade or so old. In that time, there have been some fundamental changes to new vehicles. If you've got an older car, here is some of what you've been missing.

By Tom Voelk December 14, 2014


Car Talk: Warning light lacks good design

Dear Car Talk: My mom's car is a Honda 2011 minivan, and on the dashboard there is a yellow-orange fishbowl with an exclamation mark. I was wondering what that means?...

By Ray Magliozzi December 14, 2014

Auto Briefs: Mini to trim number of models; aluminum doors, fenders in works

(BMW) Mini looks to downsize lineup BMW has decided that Mini has gotten too big and will shrink the compact brand's lineup to five models from eight. The move reverses...

December 13, 2014


Moving Forward: Next Bond car: Aston Martin; F-150 is official vehicle of CES

(Aston Martin) Aston Martin in Bond film Aston Martin's DB10 (shown) will be on the silver screen next November, co-starring in the James Bond film "Spectre." Aston's design chief Marek...

December 12, 2014


Auto Briefs: Mercedes concept powered by solar-panel paint

(Mercedes-Benz) Mercedes-Benz G-Code Mercedes debuted this sport utility coupe for the company's opening of its R&D center in Beijing. The concept uses multi-voltaic silver paint to transform the body into...

December 12, 2014


Car Talk: The verdict's in: Keep the garage open while warming up

Dear Car Talk: I live out in the sticks, where my neighbor John and I are good friends. I have a spare garage, where, out of the kindness of my...

By Ray Magliozzi December 12, 2014

News & Features: Shift to automatics means fewer manuals to love

When Marlo Dewing went shopping for a car last year, she only had one requirement: a manual transmission.

By Dee-Ann Durbin December 12, 2014


Sound Off: Have lower gas prices made a difference to your budget?

Have lower gas prices made a difference to your budget?...

December 11, 2014

News & Features: Roomy Subaru Legacy debuts for 2015

Redesigned for 2015, the Subaru Legacy is a sensible and more refined family sedan that has the best fuel economy for the lowest starting retail price among America's all-wheel drive sedans.

By Ann M. Job December 11, 2014



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