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Sound Off: What kind of car would you most want to buy if you won the lottery?

What kind of car would you most want to buy if you won the lottery?...

February 26, 2015

News & Features: Nissan's Z sport coupe remains an affordable performer

Today's Z car — now called the 370Z to reflect today's engine displacement — ranks as America's two-seater with the most power for the lowest starting retail price.

By Ann M. Job February 26, 2015


News & Features: A test drive of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

I've tested — briefly — one of the first cars to use Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto, and I'd say smartphone users will think it was worth the wait when cars with the systems hit the road at some point this year.

By Mark Phelan February 25, 2015


News & Features: Expedition: Ford gets back in the oversize SUV business

Still immensely square and slab-sided, the Expedition wears a crisp new three-bar grille up front with contemporary projector-style headlamps.

By Terry Box February 24, 2015


Auto Briefs: The best for '15, says Motorweek; why used-car prices rising

(Ford) Motorweek picks its top cars For its annual Drivers' Choice Awards, Motorweek magazine evaluated 150 vehicles for driving dynamics, performance, technology, practicality, fuel efficiency and dollar value. Here are...

February 23, 2015


Autobiography: His '55 Studebaker has less than 100K miles on original engine

"I love my car because ... there is never a drive where we don't get many, many thumbs-up." - Greg Lange, Edmonds

February 22, 2015


Car Talk: There's no reason for dealership's runaround

Dear Car Talk: My husband and I grew up in "Ford People" families. We personally have been Ford customers for over 20 years, buying nine different Ford vehicles in that...

By Ray Magliozzi February 22, 2015

News & Features: Stereo systems evolve from minor to major

Cars can take you from Point A to Point B, but music transports you to another world. Next time you're rocking out to Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the car, marvel at what goes into a factory sound system.

By Tom Voelk February 22, 2015


Moving Forward: Porsche adds Cayman GT4; Ram dresses up Laramie

(Porsche) Porsche ups Cayman hp Porsche will debut its Cayman GT4 at the Geneva Motor Show next month. The track-oriented version of the Cayman will get 385 horsepower from a...

February 22, 2015


Auto Briefs: Survey: Drivers know dangers, yet still take risks

(Thinkstock) Survey: Unsafe driving persists despite knowing the dangers Many Americans report that they regularly speed, run red lights, use distracting devices or drive drowsy, despite the fact that one...

February 21, 2015


Auto Briefs: Kia Trail'ster brings some Soul to off-road fun

(Kia) Kia Trail'ster Based on the Soul, this concept is a turbocharged, hybrid, all-wheel-drive compact SUV created for off-road adventures. The Trail'ster has a retractable canvas roof and integrated roof...

February 20, 2015


Car Talk: Synthetic oil has advantages over standard

Dear Car Talk: We just bought a brand-new Subaru Crosstrek. The dealer says it uses synthetic oil and that the oil changes will cost $75. Do we have to use...

By Ray Magliozzi February 20, 2015

News & Features: Automakers simplify controls by taking cues from tablets

Reaching an apogee of confusion, car dashboards have become a bewildering array of screens, buttons and knobs to control functions such as the radio, ventilation, advanced safety systems and Internet services.

By John R. Quain February 20, 2015


Moving Forward: Hyundai introduces rally car; Mercedes Maybach starts at $570K

(Hyundai) Hyundai adds Veloster rally Hyundai introduced its new Veloster Rally Edition at the ongoing Chicago auto show and plans to build 1,200 of them in matte blue. They will...

February 20, 2015


Sound Off: What upgrades have you made to the stereo system in your car?

What upgrades have you made to the stereo system in your car?...

February 19, 2015

News & Features: A great thing about the very good diesel Jetta: almost 50 mpg

For 2015, Volkswagen's best-selling vehicle, the Jetta compact sedan, builds on its fine road handling character and adds a nicer interior, freshened front and rear styling, new safety features and a more-fuel-thrifty diesel engine.

By Ann M. Job February 19, 2015


News & Features: Experimental tech lets cars find a spot and park

With a thumb swipe on a smartphone, your car one day will be able to drive into a parking garage, find an open spot and back into a space — all by itself.

By Tom Krisher February 18, 2015


News & Features: Honda CR-V returns to top ranks with 2015 edition

A new engine and transmission transform the 2015 Honda CR-V (I give it three out of four stars), returning the SUV to its accustomed place among the leaders. The new drivetrain generates 11 percent more torque and a whopping 3 mpg improvement in the combined city and highway fuel-economy rating for an all-wheel-drive CR-V.

By Mark Phelan February 17, 2015


Autobiography: Former Ford worker finally has his Thunderbird

"I love my car because ... I went to see it and bought it on the spot." - John Zanatta, Bellevue

February 15, 2015


Auto Briefs: Chicago Auto Show introduces new SUVs

(The Associated Press) SUVs debut at Chicago show Sales of SUVs are strong — and automakers hope to cash in on the boom with some updated models coming to this...

February 15, 2015



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