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Auto Briefs: 8 cars for tech-shy; crashes tied to cellphones rise

(Kia) 8 options for low-tech cars High-tech vehicles aren't for everyone. So auto-information site identified eight "unconnected" new cars not packed with technology (all are model year 2015 unless...

May 25, 2015


News & Features: Miles of smiles: Top cars for road-tripping fun

To prepare you for highway days ahead, here are some of my favorite road-trip vehicles.

By Tom Voelk May 24, 2015


Moving Forward: GM shows off new Camaro; Nissan's take on self-driving cars

(The Associated Press) GM unveils new Camaro General Motors took the wraps off its 2016 Camaro last week, revealing a V-8 car with 455 horsepower. The sixth-generation Camaro will also...

May 24, 2015


Car Talk: For fan repair in older car, put a price on 'annoying'

Dear Car Talk: I have a 1999 Mercedes ML430 with 150,000 miles, and for the past bunch of years, occasionally there would be a ticking/clicking/clacking sound coming from the...

By Ray Magliozzi May 24, 2015

Autobiography: Stepdad's gift came with more than 250K miles

"I love this car because ... my stepfather gave me this car." - Jeff Culver, Covington

May 24, 2015


Auto Briefs: KBB: 10 cool cars below $18K; Toyota, Mazda expand partnership

(Kia) Want a cool car below 18K? KBB names its top 10 choices The cool factor figured into Kelley Blue Book's choices for the 10 Coolest New Cars Under $18,000....

May 23, 2015


Car Talk: Canned tire repair products do work but are only temporary fixes

Dear Car Talk: I'm wondering if you would comment on tire-repair-in-a-can products like Fix-A-Flat for emergency tire repair. I am in the Navy and am trying to ensure that my...

By Ray Magliozzi May 22, 2015

Auto Briefs: Audi finishes Prologue series with 98 mpg Allroad

(Audi) Audi Prologue Allroad Following a coupe and Avant concept, the Allroad is the third Prologue in a series by Audi. Unveiled at the recent Shanghai auto show, the Allroad...

May 22, 2015


Moving Forward: Chevy a 'Tomorrowland' star; VW adds Apple Watch app

(General Motors) Chevy in 'Tomorrowland' The 2016 Chevrolet Volt (shown) and EN-V concept will appear in the backdrops of the movie "Tomorrowland," which opens in theaters today. The Volt is...

May 22, 2015


Sound Off: Do you like seeing cars get blown up in movies?

Do you like seeing cars get blown up in movies?...

May 21, 2015

News & Features: Spark electric car's price sparks a sales run

It took a price cut to generate a run on Chevrolet's 2015 Spark EV, with savvy car buyers realizing the lower price and federal electric vehicle tax credit can make for a super deal.

By Ann M. Job May 21, 2015


News & Features: Hydrogen headway: Roadblocks to fuel-cell cars are vanishing

This year, hydrogen is back to haunt those who insist that battery electric vehicles are the long-term green solution for the environment.

By Lawrence Ulrich May 20, 2015


News & Features: Local experts slog through Mudfest to find best SUVs

Nearly every vehicle brought to Mudfest easily tackled the moderate off-road course filled with rugged terrain and ponds that most owners would shy away from.

By Tom Voelk May 20, 2015


News & Features: Practical drivers will find plenty to love about Acura TLX

The TLX has won its share of accolades, including U.S. News & World Report's "2015 Best Cars for the Money" and Kiplinger's Personal Finance's "Best Value Award."

By Larry Printz May 19, 2015


Auto Briefs: FCA to skip summer shutdowns; Autoweek remembers pioneer

(FCA) Automaker will skip summer shutdown to meet demand Fiat Chrysler Automobiles says that four of its U.S. assembly plants along with six engine and transmission plants will continue to...

May 18, 2015


Moving Forward: The 10 best interiors, says Ward's; Ford hints at GT price

(Nissan) Ward's picks top interiors WardsAuto World magazine recently chose these 10 vehicles as having the best new interiors. All are model-year 2015 unless indicated otherwise. - 2014 BMW i3...

May 17, 2015


Autobiography: His Model A Ford was his daily driver as a teen

"I love my car because ... he's been part of my family for 46 years." - Rich Reinhardt, Seattle

May 17, 2015


News & Features: Aftermarket sunroofs a topnotch way to let the sun shine in

You might be surprised to learn just how much drivers in Seattle love sunroofs. When it comes to adding them to our cars and trucks, we lead the nation.

By Jeff Layton May 17, 2015


Car Talk: It's past time for new clutch for this high-mileage car

Dear Car Talk: I purchased my 2000 Honda Civic off the dealer's showroom floor and have kept the car maintained faithfully. The car now has 265,000 miles on it,...

By Ray Magliozzi May 17, 2015

Auto Briefs: Seattle Swap Meet in Monroe; texting is top road rage trigger

(Early Ford V8 Club) Seattle Swap Meet comes to Monroe for the weekend More than 1,200 vendors will be at the Seattle Swap Meet this weekend at the Evergreen State...

May 16, 2015



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