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Auto Briefs: Goodguys show fills fairgrounds for 3 days; Mercedes links up with LinkedIn

(Linda Hughes / NWautos) Goodguys show fills fairgrounds with cars More than 2,500 hot rods, customs, classics and muscle cars will fill the Puyallup fairgrounds today through Sunday for the...

July 25, 2014


Auto Briefs: Concept car: Jeep Wrangler gets luxury touches

(Chrysler) Jeep Wrangler Sundancer Introduced at the Beijing auto show in April, this concept is a luxury version of the iconic Jeep Wrangler. It has linear LED lighting on the...

July 25, 2014


Car Talk: Hubby's hands-free driving is definitely not safe

Dear Tom and Ray: Today my question is about safety. My husband, who has not had an accident in the 20 years I've known him, drives in a way that...

By Tom and Ray Magliozzi July 25, 2014

News & Features: Harley's LiveWire amps up interest in electric motorcycles

When Maggie McNally-Bradshaw and her husband, Curt, hop on their electric motorcycles and twist the throttles, they get a rush like no other.

By John Kekis July 25, 2014


Moving Forward: Ford Transit air bag nearly 15 feet long; Coffee grounds can make biofuel

(Ford) Ford's jumbo air bag The 2015 Ford Transit 15-passenger wagon offers a five-row side-curtain air bag, a first for the auto industry. The air bag is almost 15 feet...

July 25, 2014


Sound Off: What have you done to "pimp" your ride?

Take our poll or leave your comments below. What have you done to "pimp" your ride?...

July 24, 2014

News & Features: Auto review: With plug-in Honda Accord, fuel stops are rare

The 2014 Honda Accord Plug-in Hybrid sedan doesn't amaze and daze with its mainstream looks, nice cloth seats and pleasant ride. Its "wow" factor is, simply, how few times a driver may need to stop at a gasoline station in a year.

By Ann M. Job July 24, 2014


News & Features: Auto review: Honda Civic Hybrid approaches luxury status

Another fuel-sipping alternative is available to motorists weary of yo-yo pump prices: the gasoline-electric hybrid version of Honda's popular Civic compact sedan.

By G. Chambers Williams III July 23, 2014


News & Features: 'Nostrils' add flair and air to the faces of cars

For years, auto designers lavished attention on the grilles of cars, both for their function and for their brand identity. Now designers seem to be lowering their sights.

By Phil Patton July 22, 2014


Autobiography: His Mustang is what you'd find at dealership ... in 1965

(Linda Hughes/NWautos) OWNER: Chuck Wolf, Kenmore OCCUPATION: Collectibles dealer CAR'S MAKE AND MODEL: 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback GT "I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE ... it's got a lot of memories....

July 20, 2014


Auto Briefs: SUV/CUV sales overtake sedans for first time; teens' cars often less safe

(Nissan) A first: SUV and CUV sales overtake sedans For the first time, SUVs and crossovers have overtaken sedans as the most popular vehicle body style in the U.S., according...

July 20, 2014


News & Features: Local auto enthusiasts share their top summer drives

When the sun is shining, it's a great feeling to roll down the car windows and set off for a day of exploring on scenic roads. Here, seven Seattle-area car buffs share where they like to let the highways take them.

July 20, 2014


Moving Forward: Kia adds signature sound to features; Jaguar's virtual windshield

(Kia) Kia's 'Surprise' sound The 2015 Kia Soul EV (shown) and Sedona minivan will play a signature sound called "The Rise of Surprise" when various convenience and safety features activate...

July 20, 2014


Car Talk: What's in a wheel size?

Dear Tom and Ray: I drive Lincoln Navigators. I like as good a ride as possible for this size vehicle. If I remember correctly, the one I bought in 2008...

By Tom and Ray Magliozzi July 20, 2014

Auto Briefs: See about 1,000 Mustangs at Bellevue College; VW to make SUV

(Ford) Mustangs fill 2 days at Bellevue College Ford Mustangs will take center stage this weekend during the Mustang Roundup and All-Ford Picnic at Bellevue College. On Saturday, a free...

July 18, 2014


Concept Car: Concept car: Nissan BladeGlider built as a triangle

(Nissan) Nissan BladeGlider With a shape inspired by hang gliders, this triangular car is aerodynamic and lightweight. Seventy percent of the vehicle's weight rests on the rear wheels. It debuted...

July 18, 2014


News & Features: Navigation apps shift from commercial to crowdsourced

Think of it as the hive approach to car navigation systems: One driver, like a worker bee, finds the quickest way from Point A to Point B and then shares that route with other drivers. It's the basic idea behind all crowdsourcing, the sharing of free user-generated content to create information such as restaurant ratings and contractor recommendations. Now it's poised to become the main strategy for keeping the maps of route-guidance systems current. Fortunately, you don't have to wiggle and buzz to join in — just use your smartphone.

By John R. Quain July 18, 2014


Car Talk: Though hybrids are complex, going haywire is rare

Dear Tom and Ray: My wife and I purchased a 2013 Prius in July 2013. We were parked at a mall when we had an unusual problem: I started the...

By Tom and Ray Magliozzi July 18, 2014

Moving Forward: Tesla to release Model III in '17; Challenger is fastest muscle car

(Tesla) New Tesla for 2017 Tesla plans to release a Model III for 2017. The electric car is expected to cost $35,000 — about half the price of the current...

July 18, 2014


Sound Off: How many vehicles have you owned?

Take our poll or leave your comments below. How many vehicles have you owned?...

July 17, 2014


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