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News & Features: Pebble Beach brings together rare Ruxtons

With its pioneering front-wheel drive, low-slung silhouette and cat's-eye headlamps, the multicolored Ruxton automobile seemed destined for greatness in 1929.

By Robert C. Yeager August 19, 2014


Auto Briefs: Survey: It's road-trip time; half of Gen Y shops by smartphone

(Thinkstock) Thinking of a road trip? You're not alone August is a hot time for a road trip. Forty percent of drivers plan to take a road trip before Labor...

August 17, 2014


Autobiography: His convertible Corvette keeps the grandkids happy

OWNER: Bill Hemmingway (pictured with grandchildren), Issaquah OCCUPATION: Stock investor CAR'S MAKE AND MODEL: 2003 Chevrolet Corvette convertible (50th anniversary edition) "I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE ... it makes...

August 17, 2014


News & Features: Motorcycle Meetup groups offer riders camaraderie, support

At first glance, Lisa Hasegawa, of Columbia City, doesn't seem like your typical motorcycle enthusiast. She has a slight build, seems a little bit nervous and sports a Honda Rebel that she's been riding for less than a year.

By Jeff Layton August 17, 2014


Car Talk: Diesel fuel in a gasoline car can be a real nightmare

Dear Tom and Ray: I woke up screaming the other night, as I'd dreamed I had just pumped five gallons of diesel fuel into my Prius. Back in the...

By Tom and Ray Magliozzi August 17, 2014

Moving Forward: GM sets 2015 truck prices; Kia redesigns 2016 Sorento

(General Motors) GM sets truck prices General Motors has announced prices for its 2015 midsize trucks. The base model of the four-cylinder extended-cab Chevrolet Colorado pickup (shown) will be $20,995,...

August 17, 2014


Auto Briefs: KBB's picks for back-to-school cars; Acura releases a punk pitch for TLX

(Nissan) KBB names 10 best cars for back to school Kelley Blue Book picked the 10 Best Back-to-School Cars. All are model year 2014, unless otherwise noted, and start below...

August 15, 2014


Auto Briefs: Concept car: McLaren unveils P1 at Pebble Beach

(McLaren) McLaren P1 GTR The British automaker is unveiling this plug-in hybrid sports car concept today as part of the festivities for the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. It's a track-focused...

August 15, 2014


Car Talk: Tire-mounting tool for $50? A guy can dream

Dear Tom and Ray: I go through a lot of used tires. To save money and add convenience, I manually dismount and mount the tires myself, using only a GM...

By Tom and Ray Magliozzi August 15, 2014

News & Features: Tips to help you buy a used car

By now, most used-car dealers have done two-thirds of their business for the year, according to one industry expert. So if you're in the market for a car and want to buy used, it may be a good time to start doing your research with an eye toward buying in the fall.

By Nedra Rhone August 15, 2014


Auto Briefs: Three British brands show off new cars at Pebble Beach

(Aston Martin) Debuts at Pebble Beach Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover are debuting all-new vehicles during Monterey Car Week, which leads up to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in...

August 15, 2014


Sound Off: What's your top must-have item for a road trip?

Take our poll or leave your comments below. What's your top must-have item for a road trip?...

August 14, 2014

News & Features: Auto review: M235i revives classic BMW memories

The 2014 BMW M235i is the best temptation yet for American car buyers to get back into sporty, two-door coupes.

By Ann M. Job August 14, 2014


News & Features: Auto review: Mercedes SL65 mixes style and swagger

We drove the 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL550 roadster in 2012 when it first came out, and were impressed by its design and ride. Now, after driving the performance version, the fully loaded SL65 AMG, we're even more impressed.

By Peter Couture and Lyra Solochek August 13, 2014


News & Features: Making fast engines fulfills racer's Bonneville dreams

Dave "Hayseed" Thomssen is 79 years old, a retired geologist, who, thanks to recent back surgery, walks with a cane.

By Jeff Korbelik August 12, 2014


Auto Briefs: The 10 best-selling cars in July; Gen Y buys more cars than Gen X

(Toyota) The top-selling cars and trucks last month The top-selling vehicles and the total number sold in July, with June's rank in parentheses: 1. Ford F-Series, 63,240 (1) 2. Chevrolet...

August 10, 2014


Autobiography: He's in good company with rare Opel

(Linda Hughes / NWautos) OWNER: Brian Stanton, Woodinville OCCUPATION: Carpenter CAR'S MAKE AND MODEL: 1972 Opel Manta Rallye "I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE ... it's one of a kind. I...

August 10, 2014


Car Talk: Car fan stuck on high likely needs new resistor

Dear Tom and Ray: My car is a 2005 Hyundai Sonata. The fan just started blowing air full blast whether the switch is set to on, off, high or low....

By Tom and Ray Magliozzi August 10, 2014

News & Features: No matter what size, SUVs and crossovers are big with buyers

There was the Apollo 11 moon landing, President Nixon's resignation and the fall of the Berlin Wall — and now this piece of history: For the first time ever, SUVs and crossovers outsold sedans in the U.S.

By Tom Voelk August 10, 2014


Moving Forward: Harley brings back Road Glide; SS is first Chevy with park assist

(Harley-Davidson) Harley Road Glide returns Harley-Davidson recently reintroduced its popular Road Glide, a year after it was taken out of the company's 2014 model-year lineup. The new motorcycle has many...

August 10, 2014



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