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Car Talk: Her minivan might be haunted

Dear Car Talk: I think our minivan might be haunted! My husband and I own a 2002 Ford Windstar. It has 97,000 miles on it. About two weeks ago, a...

By Ray Magliozzi February 7, 2016

Auto Briefs: Auto braking cuts crash risk 40 percent; 10 top-selling cars

Auto braking cuts crash risk Vehicles equipped with automatic braking or front-collision warning are less likely to cause a rear-end crash, according to a recent study by the insurance industry....

February 7, 2016


Autobiography: He's rebuilding memories with a 1940 Ford

"I love my car because ... I had one like it from 1952-1957 and enjoyed it so much that it inspired me to buy this one." -- Jack Kuehn, Everett

February 7, 2016


News & Features: Even younger owners now find RVs cool, says local expert

The Seattle RV Show is coming to CenturyLink Field Event Center this week, so we asked Chuck Woodbury about RV living and some of the biggest trends in recreation vehicles.

By Jeff Layton February 7, 2016


Moving Forward: First Acura NSX fetches $1.2M; Ram a Four Wheeler winner

(Acura) First Acura NSX: $1.2M The first 2017 Acura NSX set a record price of $1.2 million at auction recently. The Barrett-Jackson auction was for the designated VIN 001 vehicle,...

February 7, 2016


News & Features: Beetle Dune delivers illusion of outdoor agility

The 2016 Volkswagen Beetle Dune is based on the Baja Bugs that first ventured off-road into the dunes of the West Coast some 40 years ago.

By Larry Printz February 6, 2016


Auto Briefs: The cars that will star in Super Bowl commercials

(Hyundai) Carmakers bring star power to Super Bowl 50 commercials Automakers will take to the advertising field during Super Bowl 50, airing at 3:30 p.m. Sunday on CBS. Among the...

February 5, 2016


Auto Briefs: McLaren, JVCKenwood pump up tech in CES concept

(McLaren) McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood The automaker McLaren and electronics giant JVCKenwood partnered to create this concept for the recent Consumer Electronics Show. It's based on the limited-edition 675LT but adds...

February 5, 2016


Car Talk: If only stopping global warming were this easy

Dear Car Talk: Why can't I use carbon dioxide gas to fill my tires instead of air (78 percent nitrogen) or instead of 100 percent nitrogen? If EVERYONE in the...

By Ray Magliozzi February 5, 2016

News & Features: How to spot a car with water damage

Be on alert for vehicles that could be hiding serious water damage.

By Ann Carrns February 5, 2016


Moving Forward: Audi electric SUV coming; hand-built Morgans to go green

(Audi) Audi plans electric SUV Audi will start building its first purely electric SUV, the E-Tron Quattro, in 2018 in Brussels. The Belgian plant will make both the car and...

February 5, 2016


Sound Off: Which freeway/highway do you drive most often?

Which freeway/highway do you drive most often?...

February 4, 2016

News & Features: 2016 Kia Sedona's warranty, insides make it must-see minivan

With the best warranty coverage of any minivan and an award-winning and inviting interior, the 2016 Kia Sedona is a must-see.

By Ann M. Job February 3, 2016


News & Features: Tips to avoid the upsells when you rent a car

If you've ever rented a car, you have no doubt experienced the upsell. Do you want to upgrade your vehicle, prepay for gas, buy insurance coverage and more?

By Tom Parsons February 2, 2016


News & Features: Chevy Volt impresses with tech, design and driving pleasure

The most impressive attribute of the new Volt is this: It looks and operates like a normal car.

By Tom Voelk February 1, 2016


Auto Briefs: Corvette and High Performance Meet heads to Puyallup

This 1965 Corvette from Puyallup was a featured car at last year's show. (Courtesy of Larry Johnson) Muscle-car swap meet will have almost 1,000 booths Muscle-car and Corvette fans can...

January 31, 2016


Autobiography: His Dodge Brothers put together with parts collection

"I love my car because ... all my life I have had a passion to resurrect dead antiques." - Larry Watts, Everson

January 31, 2016


News & Features: Pacific Raceways on track to build Pacific Innovation Center

Pacific Raceways plans to break ground soon on the visionary Pacific Innovation Center, offering 1.2 million square feet of space for alternative-energy research, design, engineering and manufacturing.

By Gene Stout January 31, 2016


Moving Forward: Honda says fuel-cell car to be $60K; child seat rollover tested

(Honda) Honda to lease fuel-cell car Honda used the ongoing Washington Auto Show to announce that it will begin leasing its hydrogen-powered Clarity Fuel Cell sedan before the end of...

January 31, 2016


Car Talk: Was broken sensor due to clumsy mechanic?

Dear Car Talk: My 2007 Toyota Sienna has a Tire Pressure Monitoring System. It recently alerted me to a leaking tire, and I found the nail in the tire and...

By Ray Magliozzi January 31, 2016


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