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March 26, 2009 12:00 AM

German grocery sells cars online and Israeli scientists link fast music to speeding


German grocery selling cars online
Could Costco and Wal-Mart be next? A German discount supermarket known for low-priced groceries and household goods has begun selling cars on its Web site. The Lidl supermarket chain offers the Opel Corsa for just under 11,000 euros ($14,000) and the Volkswagen Cross Polo for 14,000 euros ($17,700) -- a discount of about 25 percent off the suggested retail price. China's First Auto Works is also using the strategy, bringing its $5,500 F1 Hatchback model to big-box stores in Mexico later this year. The company wants to make inroads into the U.S in the next few years.
--Associated Press


Driving too fast? Check your music
A team of scientists at the Ben-Gurion University in Israel have found that music tempo increases driving risks. The study found that as the tempo of background music increases, so does driving speed. Those listening to fast-paced music were also twice as likely to get in an accident or go through a red light on a driving simulator as those listening to slower-paced music. The researchers say the music is a mental distraction.
--NWautos Staff