April 24, 2009

Green Thinking

No price hike for Prius, American-made batteries and an air-powered car


Prius pricing
Toyota says it won't change the price tag from $22,000 on its 2010 Prius hybrid when it hits U.S. showrooms in late May and will release an even cheaper version later this year, starting at $21,000. The pricing keeps it closer to the new Honda Insight hybrid that starts at $19,800.

American made
Chrysler will be using a U.S.-based company to supply the batteries for its first-generation electric cars scheduled to go on sale next year. A123Systems says it will produce the lithium-ion batteries at a new facility in Michigan.


Associated Press

Air supply
French firm MDI plans to produce a 3-wheel car that runs on air this year. The AirPod can travel up to 137 miles on a single 46-gallon tank of compressed air, producing zero emissions. Air supply can be recharged in eight hours by plugging the car into electricity outlets. Steering in the car is done with a joystick, and the two passenger seats are rear-facing. The car is scheduled to be sold for $7,500.

--Associated Press, Wheelbase Communications


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