May 21, 2009

Gear & Gadgets

Charge your mobile devices on the go and splash out on a thoroughly modern classic

iPod extender

iPod extender
Extend the life of your iPhone or mp3 player on the road with the Duracell USB Charger, a USB charging port that plugs right into the car's DC socket. It comes with three different connectors to provide power to a variety of mobile devices.
Available soon at major retailers, pricing not yet released


New vintage
The Speed33 is the starting point for your very own custom 1933 Ford convertible. The body, built and sold by the American Speed Company, fits on a 1933-'34 frame, but it has been reworked with longer doors, more interior room and an integrated manual convertible top that folds out of the way beneath a hinged tonneau.
About $27,000 for the body (chassis and numerous options available for extra),

Sources: NWautos staff, Wheelbase Communications


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