July 10, 2009

Green Thinking

Honda announces a hybrid Fit for 2010 and China aims for 42.2 mpg by 2015


Honda hybrids
The hybrid race heats up with reports that Honda will launch a hybrid version of its Fit hatchback in the second half of 2010. If that schedule holds true, the car will hit the market a full year and a half early. With the CR-Z Hybrid launch about the same time, Honda will have a full-range of sub-compact hybrids.


A car lot in Beijing, China. (Associated Press)

China's standards
China is boosting its version of the U.S. federal fuel economy standard to require passenger vehicles to achieve a fleetwide average of 42.2 mpg by 2015. That's almost 19 percent more than the 35.5 mpg corporate average fuel economy by 2016 that President Barack Obama announced.

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