July 31, 2009

Green Thinking

Hyundai releases a hybrid overseas and California strives to keep vehicles cooler

Hyundai Avante

Hyundai debut
Hyundai made its first foray into the increasingly competitive hybrid market last month with the debut of the Avante LPI. Kia, which Hyundai owns, debuted its "twin" version of the car, dubbed the Forte Hybrid LPI. Both were unveiled in South Korea with no imminent plans to bring the cars to the U.S.


A sun-reflecting solar control windshield. (Rich Pedroncelli / AP)

Cooler windows
California air regulators unanimously approved in June a mandate requiring auto manufacturers to include sun-reflecting glass on all vehicles sold within the state by 2014. The move was intended to keep vehicles cooler during hot weather, reducing the use of air conditioning. That was expected to improve fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

--Associated Press


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