July 17, 2009

Green Thinking

More evidence that demand for hybrid vehicles in on the rise


Hybrid rework
General Motors will stop making Chevrolet Malibus (right) and Saturn Auras with an early generation gas-electric hybrid engine system, but engineers are working on a more efficient version of the system, a company spokesman said last month. The company plans to have 14 gas-electric hybrids on the market by the end of 2012.


Mass expansion
It took Toyota almost nine years to sell one million hybrid vehicles globally, but a new report by JPMorgan indicates that 11.28 million hybrids will be sold every year by 2020, roughly 23 times greater than today's sales levels. If that tally holds, hybrids will own a 13.3-percent share of the global auto market and 19.4 percent of the U.S. market.

--Associated Press, Wheelbase Communications


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