August 23, 2009

Green Thinking

Buick readies a hybrid SUV and diesel-powered Smart cars may be coming to America

Chevrolet Equinox

General Motors

Buick hybrid
General Motors will introduce a Buick crossover SUV powered by a plug-in rechargeable system in 2011. The new midsize vehicle will run on a combination of batteries and regular fuel, and will be about the size of a Chevrolet Equinox (right). The company says it will get double the city gas mileage of a similar-sized conventional SUV. A current Equinox with a four-cylinder engine and front-wheel-drive gets 22 mpg in the city.

For Two

Smart power
Smart has increased the output of its diesel-powered 2010 ForTwo model for its home market of Germany and is considering exporting it to North America where buyers can currently only get a gasoline engine. Up 21 percent to 54 horsepower, the diminutive car also makes 18 percent more torque, while fuel economy remains at 69 mpg combined.

Sources: Associated Press, Wheelbase Communications


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