August 9, 2009

Green Thinking

Commercial trucks are big on electric power and a green ride breaks a speed record

Electric trucks

Smith Electric Vehicles

Electric trucking
Coca-Cola, Staples, Frito-Lay and AT&T were among the companies that received Smith Newtons -- the world's largest commercially available battery-electric-powered truck -- last month at an event to promote the line. The truck (right) has a payload of 16,000 pounds, a top speed of 50 mph and a 100-mile range on one battery charge.

Jesse James


Record breaker
Who says alternative fuels can't be fast? For his TV show "Jesse James Is A Dead Man," the custom bike and car builder successfully shattered the 185 mph land speed record for a hydrogen powered vehicle. The show that documents the emission-free vehicle (right) and record-breaking run in the Mojave Desert airs Aug. 9 on Spike TV.

--NWautos staff


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