September 13, 2009

Auto Briefs

With the Solstice, the sun sets on Pontiac and Toyota boasts August's top sellers

Pontiac Solstice

General Motors

Pontiac's final model wraps up production
The Pontiac Solstice coupe is assured a place in automotive history as Pontiac's last new model, and the stylish roadster could become something of a collector's item. Pontiac is being phased out by General Motors, its parent, and will be gone in 2010. The Solstice's total production of 1,100 ended in July. All of the coupes will have sequential ID numbers, so owners will know exactly which car of the 1,100 they have.

--New York Times Wire Service

Toyota Camry


Camry/Solara top sellers in August
The top-selling vehicles and the total number sold last month with July's rank in parentheses.
1. Toyota Camry/Solara, 54,396 (2)
2. Ford F-series, 45,590 (1)
3. Honda Civic, 43,294 (3)
4. Toyota Corolla/Matrix, 43,061 (5)
5. Honda Accord, 39,726 (4)
6. Chevrolet Silverado, 32,421 (6)
7. Honda CR-V, 30,284 (-)
8. Nissan Altima, 26,833 (9)
9. Ford Focus, 25,547 (7)
10.Hyundai Elantra, 21,673 (-)

--Associated Press


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