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October 11, 2009 12:00 AM

Volkswagen introduces two green cars and Fiat and Peugeot reduce CO2 emissions


VW debuts
Volkswagen unveiled two green cars at last month's Frankfurt Auto Show. The L1 (right) is a two-seat hybrid concept that could get about around 240 mpg with a turbo diesel engine and electric motor. The E-Up!, an electric car that can go about 80 miles per charge, is scheduled to go into volume production in 2013.

Fiat 500

CO2 targets
Fiat and Peugeot hit a voluntary European Union target to reduce carbon dioxide emissions for 2008, a recent report by Transport & Environment says. Both carmakers were below the goal average of 140 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. All of the European car industry must average 130 grams kilometer by 2015 or face fines.

--Associated Press