October 16, 2009

Auto Briefs

VW steers away from iconic Beetle and Ford bests Toyota in September sales

VW's Max


VW wants to look beyond the Beetle
Volkswagen is considering a bold change: steering the brand away from the iconic Beetle and cars aimed at young, trendy buyers toward the expectations of middle-class buyers. The company will introduce a compact sedan in 2010 and a midsize sedan in 2011 that will be among the first VW vehicles built specifically for American tastes. The cars will have a less European feel, with a more user-friendly steering wheel and entertainment system, an accelerator and brake pedal that are farther apart, and larger cup holders. Likely cut from TV ads will be "Max," the black 1964 Beetle with the smart-alecky German accent (right).

--Associated Press

Ford F150XLT


Ford F-150 was top seller in September
The top-selling vehicles and the total number sold last month, with August's rank in parentheses:
1. Ford F-series (above), 33,877 (2)
2. Toyota Camry/Solara, 25,745 (1)
3. Honda Accord, 20,826 (5)
4. Toyota Corolla/Matrix, 20,741 (4)
5. Chevrolet Silverado, 19,401 (6)
6. Honda Civic, 16,093 (3)
7. Honda CR-V, 14,554 (7)
8. Dodge Ram, 13,452 (-)
9. Chevrolet Impala, 13,047 (-)
10. Nissan Altima, 12,149 (8)

--Associated Press


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