November 29, 2009


Volvo station wagon has reliably carried important stuff and people for 30 years

Nayak Polissar

OWNER: Nayak Polissar, Seattle

OCCUPATION: Owner of statistical research firm, The Mountain-Whisper-Light

CAR'S MAKE AND MODEL: 1979 Volvo 245 DL Station Wagon

"I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE ... I have so many fond memories associated with it, and because it has served me so reliably for 30 years and over 300,000 miles. When it was very new, I chauffeured a great world leader around Seattle for several days. It has been on hundreds of fun outings all over the West. We have hauled all kinds of stuff and so many people. It starts in an instant and it has rarely needed repairs. It's alive!"

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