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November 8, 2009

Green Thinking

India's electric Reva to be built in the U.S. and Audi unveils clean-diesel model



Electric merge
Indian company Reva Electric Car Co. and New York company Bannon Automotive will join forces to start making electric cars at a New York factory by the end of this year. The car, a three-door plug-in hatchback called the NXR, is already sold across Asia and Europe. It can reach speeds of 65 mph with a range of 100 miles.

Audi A3


Audi diesel
Audi brings its second clean-diesel model -- the A3 TDI -- to the market this month, joining the Q7 TDI SUV. The five-door hatchback starts at $29,950 and offers 30 percent better fuel economy than a gasoline engine of similar size, Audi says. It's EPA rated at 30 mpg city/42 highway and is eligible for federal energy tax credits.


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