January 31, 2010

Green Thinking

Ford to create 1,000 jobs in EV program; Honda unveils 2011 CR-Z at auto show

Ford Focus


EV jobs
Ford is investing $450 million and creating about 1,000 jobs in its electric vehicle program in southeast Michigan. The new jobs are mostly tied to advanced lithium ion battery production. Work on the Ford Focus (right), including an electric version, and a new hybrid vehicle could save more than 8,000 Ford jobs in the state.


Associated Press

Honda flair
Honda showed off the production model of the 2011 CR-Z, a sporty two-seat hybrid, at the Detroit auto show this month. The hatchback, which will go on sale late summer in the U.S., is Honda's attempt to bring a bit of flair to the hybrid segment with compact, roadster look. It's expected to get 36 mpg city and 38 mpg highway.


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