February 7, 2010

Green Thinking

A tale of two electric cars: the 39-inch-wide Tango and a new, gas-free Ford Focus


Commuter Cars Corp.

Skinny mini
Spokane's Commuter Cars Corp. showed off its 39-inch-wide Tango at the Detroit auto show last month. The electric car has two tandem seats and can travel up to 200 miles on a charge. Delivered as a kit, the car requires some final assembly. Company president Rick Woodbury says actor George Clooney was among the first Tango customers and paid $108,000 for his.


Associated Press

Electric focus
Ford intends to sell an all-electric version of the Focus starting next year, it announced at the Detroit auto show. The price will be competitive with other electric vehicles, such as rival Chevrolet's Volt, the company says. The electric version of the Focus will be built at a factory in Michigan that formerly manufactured SUVs.

--Associated Press


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