April 16, 2010

Auto Briefs

GM, others add brake overrides to new cars; Indian Chief bikes rolling once more



GM, others add brake overrides to new cars
General Motors says it will install a new brake safety measure that can prevent unintended acceleration on all its new vehicles worldwide by 2012. GM joins BMW, Chrysler and Nissan in using the brake override technology. Toyota has also said it will use the technology in new Toyota and Lexus models by the end of this year. A brake override reduces power to the engine when the driver steps on the brake and accelerator simultaneously. The system also is intended to slow a vehicle if the gas pedal gets stuck. GM has not had major problems with unintended acceleration.

--Associated Press


(Indian Motorcycles)

Indian Chief bikes rolling once again
The classic Indian Chief motorcycle, prized for its fanciful fenders and American heritage, is back and finally ready to roll on the West Coast. First built in 1922 and in and out of production ever since, the Chief has been ridden over the years by actor Steve McQueen and other wealthy renegades. The overhauled Chief, which starts at $26,000, is already a sought-after ride in 16 states where it has been on sale since early this year. The first West Coast dealership, in Los Angeles, opens this weekend.

--New York Times News Service


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