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June 28, 2010 4:39 PM

South Tacoma Mazda enters the rap game

Just got off the phone with Brian Kuzmer, professional South Tacoma Mazda salesman and amateur rapper. He made a hiphop song dedicated to the Mazda 3.

"I just wanted to do something a little different for the customer," he said.

Indeed. Kuzmer asked what my intention was in blogging about his rap song/video/advertisement, perhaps because he was worried I would make fun of him. On the contrary, I think Kuzmer should be applauded for not exploiting hiphop culture to make his dealership seem cool, and instead taking rap seriously as a vehicle for communication.

Check the science:

Let me introduce you to the Mazda 3
The greatest little Mazda in the family
It's got a lot of features that will help you drive
Put a smile on your face and make you feel alive
It's got the halogen or the xenon lights
They're very direct, it's brighter light at night
Dynamic stability and ABS save thousands of lives
My family's proof, I'm blessed
Breakaway mirror, just in case
Or those really tight spots like a parking space
Triple H steel, for you and your crew
In a bad accident it will see you through
Let's pop the trunk to see what you can store
Costco, Home Depot and a whole lot more
Chistmas, wish list, birthdays, graduation
Throw in the sleeping bags for the summer vacation
Zoom zoom that's the way we roll
Emotion of motion that's Mazda's motto
So let's open up the door to this beautiful ride
So I can go through the features that you see inside
It's got the telescopic and tilt steering wheel
Height adjustment will complete the feel
Cruise control, radio too
Bluetooth means the cops won't be bothering you
AC for those really hot days
Even the wipers got the time delays
Great sound system that you can hear
Ten speakers fill the cabin and engulf your ear
Open the center, what could it be?
iPod connectivity
I gotta stop there, there's just to much to see
Please grab your ID, we're gonna drive the 3

Via Jalopnik