October 1, 2010

Auto Briefs

NUMMI plant is now a Tesla factory; Fewer children killed on US highways



NUMMI plant reopens as a Tesla factory
The former NUMMI auto plant -- a joint venture between General Motors and Toyota that closed in April -- comes back to life today as a Tesla Motors facility. Tesla will use the Fremont, Calif., factory to manufacture its Model S sedan (shown above). Deliveries of the all-electric car will begin in 2012. After Toyota invested in Tesla in May, the start-up bought NUMMI for $42 million. The company currently has 800 employees worldwide and head count is expected to surpass 1,000 by the end of this year.

--The Associated Press



Kids' deaths drop on highways in 2009
The government last week announced a drop in the number of children killed on U.S. highways. The Transportation Department said 1,314 children ages 14 and under were killed in 2009, about 3 percent fewer than the 1,350 child deaths in 2008. Because automobile crashes remain the leading cause of death for kids ages 3 to 14, the government recommends car seats for children up to 40 pounds and booster seats for children over 40 pounds or until they are 8 years old.

--The Associated Press


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