January 16, 2011

Green Thinking

Volt gadget chargers; fuel-efficiency failure fines


(General Motors)

Charge to go
General Motors is partnering with Powermat, a company that sells cordless charging units for phones and other gadgets, and is planning to install the devices in the Chevrolet Volt in about 18 months. The units will be placed in a center compartment so both front- and rear-seat passengers can recharge their electronic devices.



Fuel fines
Car companies paid $9.1 million in fines to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last year for failing to comply with federal fuel efficiency requirements. Jaguar-Land Rover paid $3.2 million; Mercedes-Benz, $2.9 million; Porsche, $1.5 million; Maserati, nearly $1 million. Ferrari was fined almost $500,000 and Fiat paid about $11,000. Some makers of luxury vehicles consider the fines to be the cost of doing business.

--The Associated Press


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