April 17, 2011

Auto Briefs

Olympia driver named Highway Hero; e-car safety for emergency crews



Olympia truck driver named Highway Hero
Olympia truck driver Tilden Curl -- who helped save the lives of two people in a car that had come to a stop on railroad tracks -- recently won the 28th annual Goodyear North America Highway Hero award. Curl was driving southbound on Highway 99 near Tulare, Calif., last October when he saw a car swerve, leave the highway and stop on railroad tracks. As the vehicle's passenger exited the car, Curl told her to clear away from the area, and Curl pulled the unconscious driver out seconds before a train collided with the car. Curl's award included a $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond.

--NWautos staff



Emergency crews get to know electric cars

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is offering an electric-vehicle safety course to first responders across America. Crews learn where high-strength steel is used in high-voltage electric vehicles so they know which tools will work best when responding to an accident. They also learn precautions to take when around battery packs, the location of cut points for occupant extraction and power shut-off procedures. Begun as a joint effort between General Motors and the NFPA to teach responders how to deal specifically with the Chevrolet Volt (pictured), the program now includes information on electric vehicles from Ford and Nissan.

--Wheelbase Communications


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