July 10, 2011

Green Thinking

Electric Cygnet from Aston Martin, fuel economy more important now to buyers


(Aston Martin)

Small luxury
Luxury-car maker Aston Martin is readying an electric version of its gas-powered Cygnet (shown) for release in 2013. The zero-emissions car -- based on the Toyota IQ -- will sell for $35,00-$42,000. Initially, only those who own an Aston Martin vehicle will be eligible to buy the Cygnet.



Fuel factor
Fuel economy is "extremely important" to 42 percent of new-car buyers, according to a 2011 New Vehicle Customer Study by Maritz Research. That's up 13.5 percent from a decade ago. Millennials rank its importance even higher, and rate it the most often as having the "greatest impact" on future vehicle purchases.

--The Associated Press, NWautos staff


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