November 4, 2011

Auto Briefs

Scion ranks tops for reliability; Honda and Toyota up sales incentives



CR reliability survey puts Scion on top
Consumer Reports has issued its 2011 ranking of vehicle brands' overall reliability, based on responses from the owners of 1.3 million vehicles covering model years 2002 through 2011. The top 10 brands are listed, with their 2010 ranking in parenthesis.

1. Scion (1)
2. Lexus (9)
3. Acura (3)
4. Mazda (12)
5. Honda (4)
6. Toyota (6)
7. Infiniti (5)
8. Subaru (7)
9. Nissan (14)
10. Volvo (8)

--The Associated Press



Honda, Toyota up their sales incentives
The two biggest Japanese automakers are offering buyers unusually high levels of incentives to try to pack them into showrooms and regain market share. Honda is offering the biggest sales incentives in its history, say online car-buying research services and, and Toyota isn't far behind. In September, Honda was offering an average incentive of $2,350 on new vehicles, up 6.8 percent over September 2010, and Toyota was throwing in $2,250, up 7.1 percent, according to

--USA Today


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