March 25, 2012

Green Thinking

First Coda rolls off the line; Oregon's electric highway opens



Coda assembly
The first all-electric Coda sedan rolled off the assembly line in Benicia, Calif., this month. Coda, which is based in Los Angeles, manufactures most of the vehicle's battery system and body in China. The parts are then shipped to Benicia for final assembly. The company has not said how many of the $37,250 sedans it plans to manufacture in 2012, but numbers are expected to be low — around 5,000 units or less.
San Jose Mercury News


(The Associated Press)

Oregon chargers
Eight electric-vehicle charging stations, stretching 160 miles along Interstate 5, are now active in Oregon. Part of the West Coast Green Highway, the stations are located at gas stations, restaurants and motels just off I-5, spaced about 25 miles apart. There will also be stations in California and Washington.
The Associated Press


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