August 19, 2012

Auto Briefs

More young drivers buy Camrys; auto CD players may fade



Camry sales boosted by younger buyers
A top Toyota executive says a new version of the Camry is selling well and attracting younger buyers. Senior Vice President Bob Carter says the Camry was reworked for the 2012 model year to be more stylish and fun to drive. Camry sales are up almost 40 percent through the first seven months of the year. The old Camry was bought mainly by baby boomers in their mid-50s, but Carter says the new version has pulled in younger buyers, knocking 10 years off the age of the average buyer. He says Toyota didn't expect the average age to fall that much.
The Associated Press



CD players seen as endangered feature
Automakers are sensing buyers' waning interest in CD players, and some expect to drop in-dash players completely within a few years. Fewer drivers listen to CDs as smartphones and MP3 devices become the music players of choice. Space on the dashboard is also becoming more precious as carmakers add features like touch screens. Dodge and Cadillac are leading the way. The Dodge Dart's CD player rides in a storage compartment under the center armrest. The Cadillac CTS and XTS put them in the glove box. Executives at many companies say CD players will soon fade from the list of factory equipment and become a dealer-installed option.
The Associated Press


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