September 21, 2012

Auto Briefs

'Automotive Misery' low in Washington; Pickup sales picking up


(Associated Press file photo)

'Misery' index finds most pain in the South
The cost of driving a car in in Washington state is among the lowest in the country, according to an analysis by The auto-insurance information company compiled what it calls the Automotive Misery Index. For each state, it weighs the average household income against the cost of gasoline, the number of miles driven by the typical driver and the price of insurance for a 2012 Honda Accord EX, a family car that sells well nationally. No. 1-ranked Mississippi is the most expensive state in relative terms. It's followed by Oklahoma, Louisiana, West Virginia and Georgia. New Hampshire is the least expensive state, followed by Alaska, Connecticut, Colorado and Washington.

— Los Angeles Times



Full-size pickup sales continue to rebound
Sales of full-size pickups — which plummeted three years ago in the depths of the recession — were up 10.9 percent in the U.S. through July, or by nearly 100,000 trucks. Growing truck sales suggest increasing grass-roots confidence in the economy. The recent low point for pickups came in 2009, when sales fell nearly 50 percent in the U.S., to 1.1 million. They have risen steadily since then and are on pace to hit 1.7 million this year.

— The Dallas Morning News


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