September 9, 2012

Green Thinking

Supercar to get 69 mpg on diesel; Volt production on hold



Diesel supercar
British supercar maker Trident has announced it will manufacture a diesel-powered car, the Iceni Grand Tourer, that the company says will get 69 mpg and reach top speeds of 200 mph. Its 6.6-liter engine can run on diesel, biodiesel, palm oil or linseed oil, the company says. Trident is taking pre-orders for the $119,000 car, and says production will begin by the end of the year.
NWautos staff


(General Motors)

Volt plant
General Motors will temporarily close the Detroit-area plant that makes the Chevrolet Volt this month to control inventory and prepare to make a new model. Spokesman Bill Grotz says the factory will be off-line to match demand and prepare to build the 2014 Chevrolet Impala. He wouldn't say how long. GM has sold 10,666 Volts so far this year, more than three times as many as last year.
The Associated Press


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