November 18, 2012

Auto Briefs

Auto braking among safety recommendations; Toyota to up exports of Venzas



Feds release wish list of safety changes
The National Transportation Safety Board released its annual list of its 10 most-wanted safety improvements last week, and three involved autos. Recommendations include requiring manufacturers to include an array of collision-prevention technologies on all new cars and trucks, such as lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking. The group also recommends banning nonessential use of cellphones and other distracting devices by vehicle operators, and developing and implementing technology such as ignition interlocks to prevent drunken drivers from getting behind the wheel.
The Associated Press



Toyota to boost U.S. exports with Venza
Toyota is making good on its plan to boost U.S. exports by shipping Kentucky-built Venzas (shown) to South Korea. The move helps Toyota maximize use of factories in North America. The company's plant in Georgetown, Ky., is producing a version of the midsize wagon for South Korea, where it already sends U.S.-produced Camrys and Sienna minivans, Toyota says. The automaker expects exports of U.S.-built vehicles to reach a record, increasing 52 percent this year to more than 130,000 cars and trucks.
Bloomberg News


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