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November 2, 2012

Auto Briefs

Scion leads reliability ranking; VW gains ground in China


(The Associated Press)

Japanese brands lead reliability rankings
Consumer Reports' annual reliability rankings placed Japanese brands in the top seven spots. The rankings predict the reliability of 2013 model-year vehicles based on surveys of Consumer Reports' readers. The magazine found that issues with electronics, audio and touch-screen systems have increased, while complaints about mechanical problems are down. The brand leaders:
1. Scion
2. Lexus
3. Toyota
4. Mazda
5. Subaru
6. Honda
7. Acura
8. Audi
9. Infiniti
10. Kia
The Associated Press


(The Associated Press)

VW's China sales push it toward global lead
After trailing General Motors in China for eight years, Volkswagen has edged ahead in the third quarter, putting it one step closer to its goal of becoming the world's biggest automaker. VW's deliveries in the country jumped 21 percent last quarter to 704,991 vehicles, the company says. That beat the 664,765 that GM reported earlier this month. China is the biggest market for both companies.
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