December 9, 2012

Auto Briefs

The ultimate patrol car; teens texting more than imagined



Subaru designs the ultimate patrol car
The Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept (SHARC, shown) won the Design Challenge as part of the L.A. Auto Show. The Design Challenge theme, Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025, asked automotive design studios to create the ultimate 2025 law-enforcement patrol vehicle. BMW, General Motors, Honda, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru submitted entries featuring drone technology, land and air capabilities, electric-vehicle systems and renewable-resource-fueled vehicles equipped with topographical scanners.
NWautos staff



Teens text and drive more than imagined
Teenagers are 26 times more likely to send text messages while driving than their parents expect, based on preliminary results of a safety study by Toyota and the University of Michigan. The survey of more than 5,500 people, consisting of drivers ages 16 to 18 and their parents, also found that 69 percent of teens regularly drive with other teenagers and no adults. About 54 percent of teens surveyed said they use a hand-held mobile phone while driving.
The Associated Press


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