December 2, 2012

Green Thinking

Volvo's diesel plug-in a first; additional financing for e-car venture



Diesel hybrid
Volvo has begun production of the new V60 plug-in hybrid -- the world's first diesel plug-in hybrid. Volvo is releasing 1,000 of the cars for model year 2013, and will increase production to 4,000-6,000 cars for model year 2014. The 2014 models will be available in the U.S., but Volvo says they will have a gasoline engine rather than the diesel version.
NWautos staff

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(Better Place)

E-car network
U.S.-Israeli electric-car-charging venture Better Place says investors have pledged $100 million in additional financing. Better Place has spent close to $500 million developing and deploying a battery-swapping network in Israel, its pilot site. Better Place says that the current financing round is designed to advance sales.
The Associated Press


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