January 4, 2013

Auto Briefs

Ford leads U.S. sales; Infiniti names to begin with Q



Ford holds onto lead in sales last year
Ford kept its lead in U.S. auto sales last year, selling more than 2 million vehicles the second year in a row and becoming the only manufacturer to top 2 million since 2007. Ford is the only brand to have three of the top 10 best-selling vehicles worldwide through September 2012, the most recent reporting by Polk, an auto-industry research firm. The Focus (shown) is No. 1, followed by the F-Series at No. 4 and the Fiesta at No. 5.
The Associated Press



Renaming of Infinitis coming in '14 models

Infiniti is changing the name of its vehicles to begin with the letter Q. Starting with 2014 models, a Q followed by a two-digit number will identify all sedans, coupes and convertibles. SUV and crossover models will begin with QX. The change reflects a desire for clarity and cohesiveness, the company says.
NWautos staff


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