April 26, 2013

Auto Briefs

GM says its global sales bested VW's; states with toughest texting laws


Strong Chevrolet sales helped GM's figures. (General Motors)

GM keeps global sales edge over VW
General Motors says its worldwide sales rose 3.6 percent during the first quarter compared with last year, keeping its lead over Volkswagen by about 90,000 vehicles. Increased Chevrolet sales in the United States, and Buick demand in China, helped GM deliver 2.36 million cars and trucks in the first three months of 2013, the company says. GM is the world's second-best-selling automaker behind Toyota, which has yet to report its first-quarter sales.
Bloomberg News



Study ranks stiffness of state texting laws

A new study ranks the five harshest and five weakest statewide penalties for texting behind the wheel on the first offense. The study, by OnlineAutoInsurance.com, judged the penalties on fine size, possible jail time, enforcement guidelines and whether the violation would add points to a driver's record.
Harshest: 1. Alaska; 2. Utah; 3. Maine; 4. Wisconsin; 5. New York
Weakest: 1. Virginia; 2. Iowa; 3. Indiana; 4. Delaware; 5. Pennsylvania
NWautos staff


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