May 5, 2013

Green Thinking

Electric Spark goes 82 miles per charge; face fine for improper EV parking


(General Motors)

Spark EV numbers
General Motors says the battery-powered version of its Chevrolet Spark mini-car can travel up to 82 miles on a single charge, putting it among the leaders in mass-market electric vehicles sold in the U.S. The Spark EV gets the equivalent of 119 mpg in EPA testing, which, GM says, makes it the most efficient car available. It goes on sale in July in Oregon and California. GM hasn't released the price or said when it will go on sale in other states.
The Associated Press


(New York Times News Service)

New EV parking law
Drivers who improperly park in spaces reserved for electric vehicles now face a $124 penalty in Washington state. Drivers of electric vehicles could also face a fine under the new law if they park in the dedicated spots and don't connect their vehicles to the charging equipment. Supporters say some drivers of electric vehicles are finding that the specialized parking spots are often occupied.
The Associated Press


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