May 19, 2013

Green Thinking

Most Americans support fuel-efficiency rules; Ford hybrid sales heat up


(The Associated Press)

Fuel rules get support
A Consumer Federation of America survey conducted in April found that a large majority of Americans — 85 percent — support government requirements to increase the average fuel economy of new cars to 35 mpg by 2017 and to an average of 54.5 mpg by 2025. The current rules mandate an average of about 29 mpg. The survey also found that for 88 percent of respondents, fuel economy will be an important factor in their next vehicle purchase.
New York Times News Service



Ford on record pace

Ford says it will pass its full-year record for U.S. hybrid sales this month on demand for its Fusion and C-Max models. Ford's hybrid sales through April have totaled 29,561; its annual record for such sales was 35,496 in 2010. Ford's share of U.S. hybrid sales was 18 percent last month, its highest ever and an increase from 3 percent a year earlier, the company says.
Bloomberg News


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