July 14, 2013

Auto Briefs

Monitor Tesla with Google Glass app; women quoted higher for repairs


How the Tesla app looks in Google Glass. (GlassTesla)

Google Glass app keeps tabs on Teslas
A new app designed for Google Glass allows Tesla Model S owners to control a host of car functions from the gadget's head-up display. Software engineer Sahas Katta, 24, created GlassTesla, which lets drivers check how much battery and range their cars have left; stop and start charging to pay the best rates; and find their vehicle on a projected map, among other features. Although many of the app's uses would benefit all EV drivers, Katta says he chose the Model S as his springboard because it's the only car with 3G network capabilities. The next step, Katta says, is to let Tesla drivers control their cars by voice.
Los Angeles Times

Study: Women given higher repair costs
A new study out of Northwestern University found auto shops quoted higher prices to women who appeared uninformed about average costs for repairs. In the study, both sexes made calls to repair shops, appearing to be either well-informed on the market price of a radiator replacement for a 2003 Toyota Camry; misinformed with a higher-than-average price ($510 instead of $365); or completely clueless about the expected cost.
Men in the experiment were quoted the same price whether they pretended to know the average price or were clueless, but women who appeared uninformed were consistently told higher-than-average prices. Both sexes were quoted higher-than-average prices when they told repair shops they thought the price was higher than the actual market price.
Los Angeles Times


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