September 22, 2013

Auto Briefs

Electric VW Golf coming in 2015; fuel economy at a new high


(Associated Press)

VW to create electric version of the Golf

Volkswagen will introduce its first electric car to the U.S. when the e-Golf, an electrified version of the company's subcompact car, will go on sale in 2015. Marc Trahan, an executive vice president for Volkswagen's U.S. unit, said VW could follow the e-Golf with more electrified models if demand increased.
The New York Times



Study: Fuel economy reaches new high

Automakers are making slow but steady progress improving fuel efficiency, as the industry hit a high for the average miles per gallon of new vehicles sold in August in the U.S. A recent study by the University of Michigan says that the average fuel economy on the window stickers of cars and trucks sold last month was 24.9 miles per gallon. That was nearly 5 miles per gallon better than the 20.1 mpg recorded in October 2007, when the university's Transportation Research Institute began tracking the data. The improvements reflect broad changes across the industry in the size, weight and engines in new models, as well as an increase in the number of hybrid and electric vehicles on the market.
The New York Times


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