September 15, 2013


His Porsche came back as the best gift of all


OWNER: Rick Unruh, Ellensburg
OCCUPATION: University professor
CAR'S MAKE AND MODEL: 1975 Porsche 911S - Targa
"I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE ... it is a long-lost friend. My son searched for and found it 20 years after my wife, Angie, and I sold it. He then spent seven months restoring it, giving it to me for my birthday in August last year. Though my Porsche has sentimental value, as I'd owned and driven it for 15 years in Montana, the most meaningful and inspiring gift was my son's plan to search for and restore the 911S — a true 'labor of love.' And thanks to his labor, it still drives as well as it did when I first owned it."

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