September 1, 2013

Auto Briefs

How men and women differ in car shopping; Fusion now made in U.S.



KBB: Shopping habits vary between sexes
Women are more likely to prioritize safety and affordability in shopping for cars, while men appear to seek out cars based on exterior styling and "rugged" reputations, according to an online survey conducted by auto-information company Kelley Blue Book. Of the 13,000 people who took the survey, 76 percent of women sought out safety features in their next new-car purchase, compared with 61 percent of men. Among brands, men were more likely to seek out cars from Lincoln, Audi, Jaguar, Scion and Cadillac, while women were more likely to browse options from Volvo, Infiniti, Fiat, Acura and Nissan.
Bloomberg News



Ford begins U.S. production of Fusion

For the first time, Ford is making its Fusion sedan (shown) in the U.S. The company's Flat Rock, Mich., plant started producing the Fusion this past week. Ford hired a second shift of 1,400 new workers to make the Fusion at the plant, which also makes the Mustang sports car. The plant will be able to build 350,000 Fusions per year, 30 percent more than Ford makes at its plant in Hermosillo, Mexico.
The Associated Press


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