November 17, 2013


He recaptures youth in rare Studebaker Speedster


OWNER: William Brough, Federal Way
OCCUPATION: Ergonomist
CAR'S MAKE AND MODEL: 1955 Studebaker Speedster
"I LOVE MY CAR BECAUSE ... this was the car I drove as a young man, and it is helping me in my attempt to recapture my youth. It is fun to drive this car and think of the time when I was 18. Speedsters were only built in 1955, and only 2,215 were produced, so it is rare to see this car. I was very proud when my car won 'People's Choice — Best of Show' at the LeMay Cruise-In on Sept. 12. I also enjoy [it when people] give me the thumbs-up or say 'beautiful car.'‚ÄČ"

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