May 30, 2014

Moving Forward

Hyundai fuel cell for lease; new fuel-saving tech from Toyota



Hyundai fuel cell
The first mass-produced fuel cell vehicle has arrived for lease. Hyundai is offering its Tucson Fuel Cell compact SUV (shown) to California drivers as a 36-month lease at $499 per month, which includes unlimited free hydrogen refueling. The vehicle will expand to other regions of the country as refueling stations increase.
NWautos staff

Toyota technology

Toyota has developed a semiconductor it hopes will improve the fuel efficiency of its hybrids by as much at 10 percent. A silicon carbide power semiconductor withstands heat and conducts electrical current more efficiently than traditional silicon semiconductors. It will be used in power-control units, which govern the flow of electricity between the battery and electric motor. Toyota will begin test-driving vehicles with the technology in Japan within a year.
NWautos staff


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