July 25, 2014

Moving Forward

Ford Transit air bag nearly 15 feet long; Coffee grounds can make biofuel



Ford's jumbo air bag
The 2015 Ford Transit 15-passenger wagon offers a five-row side-curtain air bag, a first for the auto industry. The air bag is almost 15 feet long and 3 feet tall.
NWautos staff

Coffee as biofuel
Coffee has the potential to fuel more than just your morning. Grounds can be converted into biofuel, according to a recent study published in the American Chemical Society's journal Energy & Fuels. Once the waste grounds are soaked in an organic solvent, oil can be extracted through a process called transesterification. There was little variation in the oil content of the grounds from 20 different regions analyzed. About 22 pounds of grounds can yield half a gallon of biofuel.
NWautos staff


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