August 29, 2014

Moving Forward

Corvette prices set; Tesla ups Model S warranty


(General Motors)

GM sets Corvette prices
General Motors says it will sell its 650-horsepower 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 starting at $78,995. The convertible model will begin at $83,995. For $3,000 more, buyers can add optional carbon-fiber body features such as rocker panels and a large rear spoiler. A performance package costs $7,995 extra. Dealers will begin taking orders during the fourth quarter and will start delivering the sports car early next year.
Los Angeles Times

Tesla extends warranty
Tesla is modifying the warranty for its electric Model S sedan by offering unlimited mileage for the drive unit and battery pack for eight years. Tesla increased the drive-unit warranty from four years to match that of the battery pack for new and existing customers.
Bloomberg News


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